Meridian helps merchants find state of the art PCI compliant processing solutions- from the front desk through to back office, our staff at Meridian has the knowledge to help our business navigate the twisiting feilds of merchant processing. As a MLS agent, Meridian understands that increased transaction speed drives quicker service and customer convenience. We consult with our clients to find not only quick service, but flexible processing solutions to increase sales and productivity that suits their business needs.

Accepting credit and debit cards will make your business a convenient place for your customers to shop.
          »American Express
          »Pin-based Debit
          »Petroleum and Fleet Cards
          »Gift and Loyalty Cards

Check processing program transforms check acceptance into risk-free electronic payments using the latest technology in the check processing industry.
          »Each transaction is verified and authorized immediately.
          »When the terminal is settled and funds are electronically deposited into your bank account.
          »Assured funds are deposited within 48 hours.
          »The funds are guaranteed.

Gift and loyalty services replace paper gift certificates and look, feel, and act just like a major credit card. Each card is cashier activated with a unique, electronically encoded account number stored on a magnetic stripe. Each time the cardholder makes a purchase, visits are tracked and the amount spent is deducted.
          »Build customer loyalty.
          »Increase store traffic.
          »Eliminate costly backroom accounting.
          »Can be used to issue credits for goods returned.

Card Not Present? Storefront? Service Provider? No worries, Meridian can help your business find the right program your business needs to get the processing.
          »Service Professionals
          »Not For Profit/Charities

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