Front Desk to the Back Office
Meridian′s knowledgeable staff will work with you to review your current business practices and help you to set up new policies and procedures to streamline your business and help save you money. With over ten years of business experience we can help any size business organized and stream line from the Front Desk trough to the Back Office.

Point of Sale Equipment
Having the latest equipment is always a must in the business world. And having the right payment processing equipment is no different. Meridian has the knowledge to help businesses put in place the right equipment for their business. From consultation to set-up to maintenance Meridian has what you need.

Website Design
Meridian′s staff can help business small and large build an effective and slick online presence. Meridian can help our business build a smart, slick website for any business from Information sites to e-Commerce, plug you in to all your needed Social Media and help you grow your business online.

Corporate Branding
Knowing what you do is a must in business, but showing the world who you are can prove a little more difficult. That is where Meridian can help. We can help design and build your business a unique, slick corporate identity that tells the world who you are and what you do.

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