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10-01-13 »Meridian Foundation helps Christ Community Health Services Augusta
The Meridian Foundation first contribution of $5,000, to Christ Community Health Services Augusta to help proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord and demonstrate his love by providing affordable, quality primary health care to the underserved.
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04-14-13 »Meridian Foundation pitches in for Habitat for Humanity
The Meridian Foundation makes its initial contribution, of $1,000, to Habitat for Humanity of Effingham County.
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05-13-11 »It Is Official! The Meridian Foundation has Launched
Meridian Merchant Services is proud to annouce that the Meridian Foundation has official launched.
Here is the official notice: Press Release
And it is already generating quite a buzz:
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04-22-11 »Meridian founds The Meridian Foundation
Meridian is committed to helping businesses support the not-for-profit(s) without adding to the budget or schedule of the business. To that end Meridian is pleased to annouces the creation of the Meridian Foundation. Let the Foundation help you put funds you are already spending to good use in your community or around the world. The choice and the credit are yours.

11-11-10 »Meridian Added to the Biz
Meridian was recently added to the Southeast's weekly business periodical, the Biz as a contributor. The paper, the Biz is a wonderful, colorful piece delivered every Wednesaday to businesses in the area, and had been quickly growing in its readership and support. As Meridian has maintained a blog that is linked to their website for the sole purpose of educating people whether or not they are clientele, it seemed a natural fit to include much of its credit card world savvy and education to the business world at large. "Most of the articles that are written in my industry are not written to the business owner," said Will Black, President of Meridian. "Instead of giving useful data on how to avoid costly fees, sales scams, and leases that practically rob businesses of their hard earned data, they are written towards guys like me that have years of background in the industry. A doctor can speak to another doctor in medical jargon, but when he chats with the patient (in this case the financially ill and abused businesses), he needs to be able to speak in plain English. That's what we aim to do."

02-03-10 »Meridian trains CPA's
Meridian had it is second training session where they met with CPA's in the region to show them how they can better serve their clientele. "Back in the day, the Big 8 used to always have specialists in almost every category there was," stated Will Black president of Meridian, "however, now a CPA can offer the same level of service. They simply have specialists that they refer to. That's where we come in." Meridian helps sets up new and existing businesses with the ability to take all forms of credit cards, check, debit, and gift cards, as well as helps businesses by managing their account for them to make sure that they not only get a low rate, but keep it. "The CPA sends us the clients statement, we review it and show how much their client is overpaying, and they give the quote back to the client. It makes the CPA a one-stop shop for all of their financial suggestions."

08-12-09 »Meridian trains Doctors
(Article Excerpt)
"This is the third time we have had a get together like this," says Will Black the president of Meridian, "and I love each time more. He says this all the while smiling in a stark, black suit and a vibrant tie. "We've given away two iPods to this group of doctors' office managers already tonight, but what they are here for is the education." He goes on to explain how 95% of the business world overpays for the ability to accept credit cards at their place of business, but that doctors seem to have it the worst. "I apologize a lot for my industry. It seems that when you are first getting in, there must be a memo somewhere that I missed saying, "Charge doctors anything you want. They can afford it." At that he laughs -all the while people behind him, some in suits, some in scrubs, continue to get food from the buffet and find their seats and their office companions.

As the early evening meeting progresses, you can see him moving through the crowd, and from table to table, speaking with these office managers and reviewing their data. Almost as soon as he starts speaking one can see that the attendees would have paid to get in if asked. They hang on his words and every so often you hear a gasp or see people covering their hanging mouths in awe as he explains to them how the system abuses people. When asked how much doctors overpay, his eyes roll. "It runs the whole gamut, but it really depends on how much they process. However I have seen doctors pay from $500 to $11,000+ a year in fees that they simply did not have to pay. It stinks."

Though the evening eventually drew to a close, you could see how people wanted it to keep going as if they were at a Christmas party with long lost friends and relatives, not a business symposium. Many sat at their tables huddled together reviewing paperwork, or clinging about Black as he stands there with a coke and a smile answering what would have to be the same questions over and over. "The main of my business is not setting up new accounts for brand new businesses, but cleaning up the train wreck that we see everyday. I could gouge these people and keep them for two years, or I can give the a good rate and keep them forever. I'm going to do the latter."